July 28, 2021


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What is Welsh Heritage Week?

An annual one-week course in Welsh language, traditional hymn singing, folk music, folk dance, and good fun!

Who comes to WHW?

People of all ages from all over North America. Participants include children, teens, young adults, families, singles, parents, grandparents—everyone who wants to have a good time learning about Welsh culture.

Who sponsors WHW?

WHW is sponsored by the Welsh Harp & Heritage Society of North America, Inc. The society’s purpose is to promote Welsh culture through Wales’s national instrument, the harp, and its associated traditions: folk music, folk dancing, poetry, and ultimately, the language itself.

Membership in the Welsh Harp & Heritage Society is for anyone with an interest in Welsh culture and heritage. Annual society dues are $20 for Individual, $30 for Family, $50 for Sponsor or $100 for Patron.

Any other activities?

Entertainment is planned for each evening of the course, although these events, like the classes are optional.

Sunday evening: Informal gathering to meet the staff and fellow students.

Tuesday evening: Visit a local pub for an informal evening of Welsh music, singing, and dancing.

Wednesday evening: Traditional Welsh Noson Lawen where course participants show off their talents.

Thursday evening: Staff concert. They play, sing, recite, dance (and, of course, tell jokes). A highlight of the week.

Friday evening: The Welsh equivalent of a ceilidh or barn dance. The session band plays, and everyone is invited to join in simple social dances.

Saturday evening: Participate in Wales’ oldest, most venerated tradition, the Eisteddfod, complete with the chairing and crowning of the bards. Like no other eisteddfod anywhere!

Sunday morning: Traditional Welsh congregational singing. Hymns are practiced during the week in Ysgol Gan. Ends the week on a high note.

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