June 17, 2021



by Lynn Watts


Welsh Heritage Week has just announced its Saturday trip as a prelude to the week of language, music, culture and fun.

On Saturday, July 19, 2008, there will be a bus trip to Gettysburg and to Delta, Pennsylvania. These are both important locations in Pennsylvania and US history, and are just north of the Pennsylvania/Maryland line.

Gettysburg was, of course, the site of the three day battle which resulted in a Union victory and Lee’s defeat and retreat to Virginia, the major turning point in the American Civil War. A tour guide will lead our group and explain and point out details of this historic place and event.

Rehoboth Chapel (Capel Cymraeg Rehoboth) is in Delta, Pennsylvania, and there is also a museum of Welsh life in this early Welsh settlement.

The cost of the one day trip is $120, which includes the bus, guide at Gettysburg, and the extra lodging at the college. It does not include meals. However, there are restaurants and fast food places in the college area of every sort and cuisine.

What an exciting way to begin Welsh Heritage Week. And if you have extra time in the area, there are many sights and activities as mentioned in a previous article.

Visit our website at welshheritageweek.org for the registration form and scholarship application, and join us in Maryland for a week of great fun in Welsh language ands culture.

You may also contact Beth Landmesser, Director, P.O. Box 241, Bear Creek, PA 18602,or email hwyl@ptd.net.

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