July 30, 2021

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Past Courses-Where Have We Been?

Welsh Heritage Week was started in 1980 by Anne Habermehl. Over the years we’ve visited many places, and made many new friends. To see some highlights of past courses, just click the links below.

2006-East Stroudsburg University; East Stroudsburg, PA

2004-Nant Gwrtheyrn; Wales

2002-Utica College; Utica, NY

2000-Nant Gwrtheyrn; Wales

1998-Avila College; Kansas City, MO

1996-Nant Gwrtheyrn; Wales

1994-King’s College; London, ON, Canada

1992-Nant Gwrtheyrn, Wales

1990-King’s College, Wilkes-Barre, PA

1988-Hamilton College; Clinton, NY

1986-Keuka College; Keuka, NY

1984-Keuka College; Keuka, NY

2007-Edgewood College; Madison, WI

2005-Colorado School of Mines; Golden, CO

2003-Christopher Newport University; Newport News, VA

2001-Green Mountain College; Poultney, VT

1999-Mission Palms Hotel; Tempe, AZ

1997-Sage College; Albany, NY

1995-The College of St. Catherine; St. Paul, MN

1993-Towson State University; Towson, MD

1991-Rockhust College, Kansas City, MO

1989-Rio Grande College; Rio Grande, OH

1987-East Stroudsburg University; East Stroudsburg, PA

1985-Keuka College; Keuka, NY

1983-Keuka College; Keuka, NY

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