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Welsh Heritage Week Celebrates 30 Years!


by  Nancy McKinless

A glorious week at Keuka College in Penn Yan, N. Y. was celebrated by old and new participants, July 18-25. It was here that Anne Habermehl, founder and long-time director of the group started the tradition that has lasted thirty years. Returning to join in the celebration with Anne were John Albert Evans, Head language instructor; Joan Owen Mandry, beloved beginners class instructor; and Mari Morgan, the founder and director of Cor Cymry and a former instructor at WHW.

The sole student present from 30 years ago was Geoffrey Carlson, now accompanied by his wife Jennifer and their daughter Mindy. Staff present this year included Gareth Hughes Jones, Ysgol Gan, Folk song and Gymanfa leader; Rhoddi Jones, our Head Language tutor, and with his wife, Chris, our Dance teachers and Tympath directors;  Session Band director, Jenn Williams; and Harp teacher, Eirian Evans ALL of them from Wales.
We kept busy with daily language classes, Ysgol Gan (Singing School), harp classes, folk dancing, folk singing, session rehearsals, and glorious FOOD!! That was just in the daytime.
The evenings brought us a Pub Night in Penn Yan (Lots of singing),Noson Lawen, Staff Night,
Tympath and the Eisteddfod.
The true climax of the week was the Sunday Morning Gymanfa, this year held in a small local church where we “raised the roof” for our director, Gareth. We sang twelve hymns, four verses each in Welsh of course, said the Lord’s Prayer, in Welsh, and were treated to a solos by Mari Morgan and Eirian Evans.
Beth Landmesser, our director, ran a “tight ship” all week, and we are most grateful to her for all her work. Tegan Frick Kappel keeps our web site going, and Sian Frick minds our rosters. Thanks to all. A special highlight of the week was Mindy Carlson (age 2) who danced at the Twmpath and performed the Flower Dance for the Crowned and Chaired Bards. At the Eisteddfod this year the Bards were: Crown–for Prose: Beth Hensley; Chair–for Poetry: Nancy McKinless.


Twmpath Band;Megan Landmesser,Nancy McKinless,Carol Biskup,Gareth Hughes Jones,John Gwynn,Bryn Gelaro,Jenn Williams-leader.
Back row: Bob Adkins, Nancy Haney, Kathy Lloyd.
Members not clearly visible: Carolyn Adkins, Glynis Gelaro


Gorsedd: Archdruid – Gareth Hughes Jones; Sword – John Gwynn; Wand – Tegan Frick Kappel; Flower – Bryn Gelaro; Jester – Megan Landmesser; Sian Frick; Corn Glas – Bruce Haney.

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